La maison Formidable

12 Haute Essart

53270 Sainte Suzanne, France

Sainte-Suzanne is a commune in the Mayenne department in the north-west of France. The village is centrally located between Alencon, Rennes, tours and Nantes.

8 KM from Evron

33 KM from Mayenne

35 KM from Laval

50 KM from Le Mans

60 KM from Alencon

140 KM from Mont Saint-Michel

250 KM from Parijs (car 2.5 hours)

390 Miles from London (car 7 hours)


Chalet for rent in Sainte-Suzanne

(2-5 persons)


Located in the middle of the woods as the highest house on the historic hill Tertre Gannes in the village of Saint Suzanne, Maison Formidable will give you a splendid stay surrounded by nature, history and good food.

The medieval village of Sainte-Suzanne, voted one of most beautiful of France, has many things to offer, such as historical sites including an impressive castle, lovely restaurants to get a taste of the amazing French cuisine, cafes for your morning coffee with a fresh croissant, local shops as well as many activities.


The area has excellent walking routes which give you great views of the castle of Sainte-Suzanne as well as its surroundings, and the chalet can be used as a perfect starting point.

This unique chalet is located on 1500m2 with 200 acres of adjoining woodlands, rich historical sites and a beautiful environment, which will leave a wonderful impression on you and your family/friends.

The chalet is suitable for up to 5 people, with one bedroom downstairs having a double bed, while 3 separate beds are available upstairs, of which 2 can be put together as a double bed.


Dogs are allowed.


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